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lul dat season 2...

ya I totally wasn't feeling season 2.... it was practically making fun of itself by the middle of it. lul SYLAR IN MEXICOOOOO :E road trip guyz! Not that I won't go back in my dvd and draw some stuffs lul... anyway, lets move forward :3 season 3 is awesome, no matter what ANYONE SAYS TO ME OTHERWISE ABOUT IT. I'm in love again. that's all that matters. :3 (btw I so said Hiro was Pikachu on my deviantart account like... back in may 2007. LOL)

posted by chibichibi-chan on October 3rd, 2008, 3:19 pm   ||   1 comments

Zomg... WHY?!

Decided to collect my insanity else where... I usually post these things on DeviantART but then they get lost in the mess of other art things I post so when I want to go back and read them... yeah... takes forever just to find them.. XDDD <3

<3 Heroes 4 evr... especially Masi+David cam actionz D:

posted by chibichibi-chan on September 26th, 2007, 12:58 pm   ||   0 comments